Wednesday, 14 October 2009

following on from Sir Terry Leahy class discussion ...

I have just caught an interview on the lunchtime news regarding Sir Terry Leahy's comments n the poor products of the education system. Ian Cheshire (Chief Exec. of the Kingfisher Group, who own, amongst others, B&Q), in part backed the notion that many children are leaving schools without 'Employability skills'. Unlike Sir Leahy, he didn't lay the blame solely at the feet of the education system. He claims that a lack of social skills is also to blame. Many children (and adults) lack good interview, communication and basic skills. He (Ian Cheshire) discussed the notion that many children now do not have a Saturday or part-time job, an outlet that would provide the opportunity to develop many 'life-skills'.

Does our curriculum allow time for the development of said skills? As Clare commented, many teachers face the prospect of a rigorously time-tabled day to accommodate the National Curriculum's prescribed outcomes? for thought.

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  1. Good point on the Saturday job comment - this is possibly where many of those of us that had to have Sat jobs got our first business skills, even if it was just serving or stacking shelves - it was the discipline that we learnt (I won't mention the hangover I usually had though!!!!)