Wednesday, 20 May 2009

so...this is it then

I thought I would take this opportunity to update my blog as I'm more than positive that over the next 11 days (Yes! just 11 left), I will have very little spare time. It feels a little surreal that only 8 months ago I was embarking on this new venture in my life. I was excited, scared, worried I'd manage, unsure I'd make it.......but hey, I'm here and I'm determined that I'm gonna be here again in October.

Along the way, personal stuff aside, I feel I have been extremely lucky in working with and alongside the fab girls in this group. We've laughed, cried, worried and stressed together but more importantly, we have supported each other and, built some strong friendships! I must hasten to add, that we have also had the brilliant minds of Brian, Lin and Christine to draw from, so a big thank you to them too.

Thanks to you 2nd years too, you've guided us through your blogs and chats along the way too, good luck to you all for your exams and your transition to Warwick.

Right, this is it more facebook, eastenders or social life, (may squeeze another blog in if possible), good luck Clare, Katja, Naomi, Nic, Carrie, Emma and Kate. See you on the 1st!