Sunday, 1 November 2009

interesting experiment

As a spin off from my reading information on the inclusion of ICT into almost every aspect of daily life in the 21st century, I am curious as to how I would cope / manage / live a week in MY life without the intervention of 21st century technology.

Academically - I am not adverse to picking up a pen and notebook to assist me in my data collection for essays, assignments etc... however, my information resources are mostly 'virtual'. The delivery of teaching at nwhc is often through technological media, hence my learning is (mostly) reliant on ICT.

As a mum, I endeavour to provide a healthy diet for my family, using fresh produce on a daily basis, yet I shop one a fortnight. Mine (and my families) recreation includes watching television, playing games consoles and 'surfing' the web. Although we part-take in other activities, could we manage without these things completely?

Necessities of life - I dont post letters, I email or facebook people i need to contact. I dont go into town and manually transfer monies, I do it all online. I dont always go and pick my own spuds - someone in ASDA does it for me then delivers it to my doorstep. And so on..... Yes, these functions, services and outlets are there to be used and to make our lives a little less stressful and busy. Can we cope without them? I'm interested to find out. I'm sure my son and hubby may not be, but its an experiment I may very well undertake in the not to distant future.