Thursday, 6 May 2010

This time again ...

Whoa ... well its nearing assignment completion (for all lecturers) and exam time again. I really cant believe this (academic) year has flown so quickly. In fact, I think I have only posted once or twice. It's been yet another struggle - time constraints, technology (!) and personal conflicts - but I'm here!!! And for that I can breathe a massive sigh of relief! This year has taught me not to be cocky - I don't know everything (even though sometimes i like to think i do), I don't have 64 hours in one day and I'm not indestructible. It's normal to think I can't manage,it's perfectly acceptable to cry and stamp my feet when things go wrong and I do not need to feel bad if my schedule goes to pot! I'm human!!!

So .. Warwick is around the corner. Part of me is really excited. I feel as though I'm nearing completion. My goal is within reach. Yet, I also feel as though I'm leaving behind a massive security blanket that I want to take with me. It's difficult - be happy to be moving on or be scared that our cushion has gone???

Lets see what the next few weeks bring .....


  1. i will always be here for you!!! we are connected in this community keep on blogging help my poor newbies to not fear Warwick!

  2. there is nothing to fear at Warwick...except the awful 'machine' coffee in Westwood Cafe (ask for filter coffee!) and the lack of heat in the winter (wear a vest and scarf) - aside from's all good ;-)