Friday, 22 January 2010

Its hard to comprehend ...

I've just been reading reports regarding the two brothers (11 and 12)that have admitted to the terrible torture of two children (9 and 11) last April. Although I was aware of this case, just having a 'mosey' round the Internet this evening has bought up several open forums where members of the public have had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the case. I was amazed at the amount of people who have said that these two boys are evil and that they should be locked up indefinitely. Some persons have even gone as far to say that they do not deserve life! I was more shocked to then consider that prior to doing this course, I would have been amongst the vast majority of people who made such comments, (I do not include the right to life in this statement - too strong even for my uneducated views).

Yes, what these brothers did was despicable. They conducted prolonged beatings and acts of sexual humiliation on two Innocent boys -but why? Saying "Oh, they were born evil" is a cop out! Without going into the 'great debate", even if a person is born with innate tendencies, they still are influenced by society, and such strong tendencies (in my opinion), would not go unchallenged in 10 years of life.

The brothers were (reportedly) subjected to a life of regular beatings themselves. They witnessed violence on a daily basis, had open access to extremely violent films and gaming software. Inappropriate sexual references and conduct was not shielded from these boys. I am not making the point that blame can be laid at the feet of the manufacturers of this media. I'm not even placing the blame on the parental guidance (I do not know enough about them to comment). It is apparent, through reading numerous reports, the brothers knew what was done to them (directly and indirectly) was wrong, so why did they repeat such acts, and more on two unsuspecting children? I would hazard a guess that it was because they knew they could get away with it. Their parents (or carers) who subjected them to atrocities, did so with no consequence. So if they could do it - why couldn't the brothers?

What I think I'm doing here is a basic observation of myself. Only 18 months ago, I would have probably had these boys locked up, attending psychiatric clinics and wearing a hat saying "I'm a nasty piece of work". Now, although what they did was wrong, they did it for a reason. Not just because they are evil, but they have not been socialised, taught, shown - whatever phrase you wish to use - the appropriate way to live within society. Actions have consequences.


  1. These miserable cases highlight how our social construct of childhood has created appropriate social 'places' for children (as human becomings) - accordingly deviant behaviour immediately locates them 'out of place' and they are an easy target for a predatory press, anxious to spread the word of yet another case of our dysfunctional society, which is at the mercy of ‘feral urchins.’...this is what gets reported and consumed by a hungry public....who seemed to delight in being shocked (again) by the actions of mere children....and it is indeed deplorable that boys so young (or anyone in a civilised society for that matter) could treat others in the foul manner that they did....The actions of these boys stripped them from being considered as 'children' and flung them from being regarded as 'human becomings;' for how can innocent children behave in such a way?.....well innocent children wouldn't....only we are forgetting that many children of the 21st century are not as innocent.....and who's to blame...? and the answer to that doesn't sell as many papers!

  2. Fab points raised here and i agree prior to doing this degree i probably would have had the same view. Understanding families, politics and acts as well as abiding by them makes you appreciate how complex this story is and how the media subjects society to thinking this way! x